Jade, a precious stone of fine structure and great brilliance, is a symbol of purity and beauty turned feminine.
The alchemical and natural virtuosity of the Wind’s action and constant change renew and regenerate its vital breath.
Thus the precious and hidden Qi within shines and harmonises with that of the environment, re-establishing the profound connection of man’s unity with the sky and the earth.”

Qi Gong

Discover the secrets of this Chinese millennial long-life practice.


Weekly lessons in three beautiful locations in Bologna.


Francesca Eusebi, TaoYin Italy qualified instructor.


Millennial long-life gymnastics to renew yourself every day, over and over again!

QiGong: traditional Chinese practice of listening and nurturing life through movement (gong) and the free circulation of breath (qi).

Alchemical path of deep internal transformation.


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