Qi Gong Courses in Bologna


  • Sala del Baraccano – Via Santo Stefano 119 – Bologna
  • Centro medico Eubios – Via Irnerio 14 – Bologna
  • Via Muratori, 9 – Bologna
  • Skype

Weekly courses: individual and group lessons
Qi Gong and Therapeutic Qi Gong

“The practice of the Arts of the Tao is much more than a sport or than gentle gymnastics. It is something that is transmitted from skin to skin, from heart to heart, from spirit to spirit.”
M° George Charles

My proposal for study and practice of the Classic Arts of the Tao:

  • Yi Yin Fa (Pre-Nutrition techniques)
  • Dao Yin Fa or Tao Yn Fa (vital nutrition techniques)
  • Tai Su Qi Gong (energetic work of the Great Flow)
  • Xing Yi Quan (techniques to reinforce the Inside protecting the Outside)
  • Yi Sui Jing Yi Jin King or Yi Jin Hing-Xi Sui Jing (muscle and tendon cleansing technique and marrow/quintessence regeneration)
  • Ba Duan Jin “the eight pieces of brocade”” (great classic of health maintenance Qi Gong)
  • Kai Man Shi “opening the doors of practice” (synthetical practice)
  • Internal Alchemy Qi Gong


A) Qi Qong Course

From 18 January 2022 at the Sala del Baraccano (Via Santo Stefano 119 – Bologna)

  • Every Tuesday 6-7pm and 8.15-9.30pm

Gentle gymnastics for energy and mental balance. Monthly or quarterly subscription.

B) Long-life Qi Qong Practice (Face to face)

Individual and small group lessons (2/3 people socially distanced).

By reservation only:
– everyday in Via Muratori 9 – Bologna
– every Wednesday afternoon at the Eubios Medical Centre

– Qi Qong and muscular tendons – Yi Sui Jing Yi Jin King (muscle and tendon cleansing technique and marrow/quintessence regeneration) (November – January)
– Qi Qong and the circulation of the Qi in the main channels – Wei qi and defensive energy (working on the immune system) (February – April)
– Basic Qi Qong and breathing – Vitality (May – June)

BY RESERVATION ONLY it will be possible to create new individual or group courses with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people per group.

  • Saturday morning at 11:00 am: lessons in Villa Ghigi – BY RESERVATION ONLY (starting April 2021):
    Health marches and/or Chinese Stick

BY RESERVATION ONLY – Individual personalised home lessons for people who are unwell (and for those who are unavailable in the given hours or unable to reach the venues).

C) Qi Qong Practices – individual THERAPEUTIC lessons (face to face or via Skype)

  • Every day in Via Muratori 9 and every Wednesday in Via Irnerio 14, Bologna

Individual and small group lessons UPON REQUEST (max. 4 people) of THERAPEUTIC QI QONG, with specific Qi Qong  and HYPERTENSION sequences, Qi Qong and WEI QI for immunitary defense, Qi Qong and OVERWEIGHT issues, work on metabolisms, Qi Qong and Muscular Tendon, Qi Qong and DIGESTIVE DISORDERS, Qi Qong and Shen (psychic disorders).

D) Long-life Qi Qong Practice (online via Skype)

New timetable for 1st of January 2021:
– Tuesday at 8:00 am and Thursday at 8:30 am – Awakening Practice and Dynamic Qi Qong
– Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 pm – Harmonization Practice – Dynamic and Internal Qi Qong

The link to enter the Skype videocall is https://join.skype.com/ndWPy8cIPmji

During the videocall everyone must absolutely turn off their webcam and microphones in order to not disturb the signal and facilitate the connection from all locations.